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Why Support us?

We are a non-profit community server. Every small contribution is put back for the server and helps us keep the server alive while improving the gaming experience for all players. Donations are verified manually and it can take a few hours for your package to show up in-game. All donators will get special discord roles no matter the amount they support us for.

All donations made are final and will not be refunded unless there are technical issues.

Tier 1 – Friendly Tier – ₹100/45d

TIER 2 – HONORED TIER – ₹250/45d

TIER 3 – REVERED TIER – ₹500/45d

TIER 4 – EXALTED TIER – ₹1000/45d

Raise a Staff Ticket on the Discord Server for PayPal, UPI, PayTM, Debit Cards etc.


Disclaimer: By supporting Minecraft India Network with donations you must agree that,

You are an adult (above 18 years of age) and completely consent for the same,


You are a minor (below 18 years of age) and you have your parent’s consent for this donation.

You are not entitled to a refund until and unless there are some technical issues or the owner team decides so. Supporting us is something that you have to do by self-interest. Read below for more info.

Survival Custom Shopkeeper

₹100: One Shopkeeper per player!

No advantages, only cosmetics and different looks.

Survival Claim Blocks

1000 Claim Blocks – ₹50
2500 Claim Blocks – ₹115
5000 Claim Blocks – ₹200

Claim blocks are attainable through playing on the server and also through voting (Voting is uncapped) this is only for people who want to build and keep their builds protected from greifing. 


XP – 40 Levels – ₹50
XP – 100 Levels – ₹100

Server has a public custom XP Farm. This is only for supporting the server.

Something Important

Why Minecraft India Network Survival isnt Pay to Win

The gamemodes in this server are highly custom. There endgame of MCI Survival is far beyond anyone can even acheive by paying for it. It requires actually playing the game for several months to acheive. And even after that, you have to face custom bosses and minibosses which are vanilla mobs but tweaked to provide a unique challenge. Normal Protection 4 Armor sets and Sharpness 5 swords are pre starter difficulty for MCI Survival.

Sethomes are just for convenience, as we have personal and public teleporters on the server which are accessible for all players and they have way more waypoints than the donor rank.

QoL commands include workbench, heal and repair. The commands have a cost and cooldown associated with them and we have similiar features for general players as well. The commands are convenience add ons.

About the in game money being given: The rank progression system in MCI Survival is based on 2 currencies, In game currency ♦ and MCI Coins.

In game ♦ currency can take you halfway to ranking up and allow you to buy items from shops and trade items with players in exchange of money. 

The real end game currency is MCI Coins which are only obtainable via Voting, Selling items via Market, Trading with players and killing mobs in XP Farm. You can in no way pay to obtain the MCI coins which makes it the grind based economy.


What about other gamemodes?

Minigames server and Skyblocks Servers only have cosmetic perks. We do not plan to add ennhancement kits/ other beneifts to it unless we have fully developed a custom gameplay path. Currently only One-Block Skyblock is custom. The regular skyblock and Acid Islands are purely vanilla. Any kits added to the Skyblocks server would be balanced and will have no competetive advantage.

What is the benefit of donating then?

You get all the perks mentioned before and also, you can AFK on the server as long as you have the donator rank active!

Supporting the server allows us to keep the updates coming and also we tend to invest in better plugin alternatives and better hardware which make the gameplay experience fun for everyone. We may be on a tight budget but we host our servers on Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs and keep things optimised to minimize issues due to hardware. The Server Operator team consists of 2 guys with over 10 years of experience with computers. We know what we are doing and can promise that we will squeeze out the most performance we can out of the hardware we can afford.

We are strictly a non-profit network. Anything that is donated by the players is contributed towards the server. The entire server staff consists of volunteering people as well. The only place where we differ from others is that we are here to build up a community and not make money out of it.

We also host custom fun events and weekly UHC on Sundays, its fun to have a large community of people who ultimately become friends!

Join the Crew. Get gaming.