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Noble Rank

Noble Rank


Donor Commands:

Access to the command: /hat (place a block as a “hat” on top of your skin)
Access to the command: /shop (lets you use the shop anywhere, instead of needing to be at /spawn)
Access to the command: /ptime (personal time)
Access to the command: /pweather (personal weather)
Access to the command: /recipe (displays the recipe for an item)
Access to the command: /workbench (virtual workbench)
Access to the command: /sell (sell items holding)
Access to the command: /tv day/night (Start a voting for day or night time)
Access to the command: /wv sun/rain (Start a voting for sunny or rainy weather)
Access to 6 different Cosmetics

Perks and Benefits:

Access to 8 additional slots in the Reset Vault. (this lets you carry over valuable items from reset to reset)
Buy and bid 5 items on the Auction House (/ah)
20% Cheaper /rtp cost & cooldown
Access to set 8 Homes
Show your item holding in chat by adding [i] to your message
Custom Discord Tag
Counted as Noble on /list



Disclaimer : Noble Rank lasts for 90 Days.
Disclaimer : By supporting Minecraft India Network with donations you must agree that,

You are an adult (above 18 years of age) and completely consent for the same,


You are a minor (below 18 years of age) and you have your parent’s consent for this donation.

You are not entitled to a refund until and unless there are some technical issues or the owner team decides so. Supporting us is something that you have to do by self-interest. Read below for more info.

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