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Behavior Rules

– No abusing other players.
– Do not steal items from players.
– Do not scam players.
– Never Impersonate anyone
– Do not beg for items, money or ranks. Asking for something for free is begging.
– Do not ask to be staff, if it keeps happening you may find yourself getting warns or temp bans.
– Anything said to another player to purposefully cause upset will be punished. This includes racism or any form of discrimination
– No advertising other servers. Saying names are allowed. But no links and no telling other players to visit another server.
– Do not complain about server restarts, lag or downtime
– Never report players falsely, Just because you do not like someone does not mean you have to report to staff.

Hacks and unfair advantages

– Any form of X-Ray is not allowed. This includes resource packs.
– Cave mapping/mods are not allowed. (anything that allows you to find caves. This includes map mods)
– Entity tracking is not allowed. (if you can see mobs or players on your map that is not allowed)
– Nothing which gives an unfair advantage. Including: auto fishing, aimbots, aura clicking/kill aura, auto-attack, auto armor, auto eating or auto mining.
– The only type of hack that is allowed is a brightness mod/resource packs.
– Do not connect via a VPN or anything else that changes your IP and try to ban evade.
– Anyone working with someone using hacks to gain an advantage will also be punished.
– No auto tool mods, Nothing that automates a farm or mining.

Rules are subject to change at any time.
Trying to figure ways around server rules will also get you in trouble.