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Honored Rank

Honored Rank


Survival Perks

  • Access to 5 Fully Customisable Particle Packs
  • Access to the Jukebox
  • Honored Prefix
  • Access to QoL commands
  • 4 Homes in total
  • 2 Player Vaults (54×2 Slots)
  • Access to Honored Tier Kit
  • Special Voting Rewards [Honored Tier] (
  • ♦ 50000 in-game money
  • 45 XP-Levels
  • 1000 Claim Blocks

Minigames and Skyblocks Perks

  • All Hats, All Animated Hats, All Emotes
  • All Particles,
  • 5 Suits banners,
  • Visuals – All


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