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Hello folks, I'm here to recuit active and enthusiastic players for my faction. before that a brief intro of myself. I'm elli0t43, an admin and member of The OG faction called MCI Trojans. back when I was a helper I played classic factions with not so many features. Now you may ask why not MCI Trojans and why I'm here to recuit ? well simply MCI Trojans were the factions that won for 2 consequtive faction seasons which used to happen during survival reset for a limited time. Now the members of that faction are simply busy with life or simply left playing mincraft, which is why I'm creating another faction that is welcoming players that are trustworthy and have decent skill to begin with.

For anyone that wants to contact me over discord simply send me a DM request on my Discord (Username - elli0t43).Thats all from my side, have fun in the factions! 🍻 


Also I need ideas for faction name 😛 

Here are the rules that you will have to follow to join my faction -

  1. You won't be getting any kind of admin privillages from my side nor anyone from the staff team. I myself will play factions from my alt account rather than my main staff account, which doesn't have any sort of admin privillages nor staff privillages
  2. You will have to be trustworthy.
  3. You will have to cooperate with every faction member when it comes to envoys or raids or anything along those lines, it doesn't matter if we loose or win, having fun is what matters.
  4. No toxicity and racism inside our faction. Sure smalls jokes and stuff is all good but beyond that will get you kicked from the faction.
  5. If you find any enemy faction base cords make sure to only tell the leader or co-leaders of our faction. Telling to normal facntion members will result in kick.
  6. Be mature and don't behave like a child. 🙂


To Apply, simply reply in this post in this format

Your Ingame name
Your discord id
why you want to join 
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Your Ingame name- Sarthak334

Your discord id- sarthak334#6634

why you want to join- because I want to contribute making this faction OG again

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IGN : Cozmos_Gamerz

Discord ID : cozmos_gamerz (Originally : Cozmos_Gamerz#8776)

Reason to Join : I want to have fun with non-toxic and friendly teammates and help make the faction better with my build skills.


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